Facilities management companies in Galway

What is a facilities management company

Many large places (hospitals, universities, factories, shopping centres etc) don't hire cleaning, catering, reception or security staff themselves. 

Instead they contract a facilities-management company to do the whole job (plan the work, buy the supplies needed, hire the staff, do the rota, train, supervise and pay the staff).   Sometimes they are called agencies, and the staff they hire are agency-workers.

Facilities management companies often have jobs that would be advertised in a "shop window" - if they had one.   Often they don't:  instead to find a job at one of these companies, you need to have a friend who works there and tells you - or check their website or Facebook page every day.

Facilities-management companies that have contracts in Galway

  • Aramark - (provide catering services at the hospital) - company website - jobs site
  • BaxterStorey - occasionally advertise for chefs or catering staff in Galway, even though their website says Dunlin is their only base in Ireland. 
  • SSE Cleaning - specialist cleaning for companies with clean-room manufacturing


To find out which company looks after a place (eg cleaning the hospital) - look at the uniforms that the staff are wearing:  usually the company name is on the uniform.

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